DIY Pillar Candles

As the name suggests, these are thick and cylindrically shaped candles which look like thick pillars. Large, freestanding pillar candles burn longer than traditional candles and provide a warm, romantic glow in your home. These candles also provide a pleasant scent when burned and a decorative touch as a centerpiece on a coffee table or in the dining room. They are also used for ambient light and can be placed anywhere around the house. These are best kept in strong, fireproof dishes or wide-based candle holders.

Although you could purchase pillars at a home supply store, making your own pillar candles not only saves you money, but also lets you control the quality of the finished candle with little effort. And here are some steps to help you to make your pillar candles by yourself. Before you begin to make, you will need some things like beeswax sheet, ruler, knife, hair dryer, wick and scissors. Then, after all mentioned things are ready, then you can start to make. Firstly, lay a sheet of beeswax on a clean work surface. The width of the beeswax sheet determines the height of the candle. Cut the sheet to the desired width by placing a ruler against the edge you wish to cut. With the blade pressed against the ruler, run a knife down the length of the sheet. Then, often the beeswax sheet using a hair dryer. Turn the dryer on low and hold it 6 inches over the sheet. Pass it back and forth for 10 seconds to soften the wax. Cut a wick 4 inches longer than the beeswax sheet using scissors. Place the wick onto the beeswax sheet, positioning it width-wise against the bottom edge of the wax. Leave 2 inches of the wick hanging off each side of the wax sheet. Press the wick into the beeswax sheet. Roll the bottom edge of the wax sheet up and over the wick. Roll it slowly to prevent misshaping the pillar.

Continue to roll the wax sheet around itself until the pillar is the desired thickness, using firm pressure as you go to avoid air pockets in the wax. If you finish the sheet and want a thicker pillar, place a second sheet of wax flush against the edge of the first. Continue rolling as before to achieve the desired width. Press the seam into the side of the candle with your fingers to seal it. Look at the ends of the rolled candle. Choose the end you prefer for the top. Trim the wick on this end to 1/2- to 3/4-inches long. Trim the other end flush against the bottom of the candle. Done. Whether you use them for display only or light the wicks, pillar candles add a nice accent to a room’s decor. So, don’t hesitate to try to make your own pillar candles and enjoy the process. Good Luck!

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