Lighthouse Bathroom Decor

Lighthouses are a popular theme when it comes to bathroom decor and there is a wide array of accessories on the market today. Lighthouse bathroom decor would make your bathroom look like you are bathing or swimming in a nearby sea or lake. If you have no pool but you have always wanted to feel like you have one, you can always do that in the premises of your bathroom. You can make your bathroom look like you are at the beach with a few simple decorations. Lighthouse bathroom decor should be on your hot list of home decors because they could really enhance the look of the bathroom in your home.

Lighthouse Decor Sea Bathroom Shower Curtain

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From the colors you choose to the types of structures you want to display, decorating your bathroom with lighthouses can be a fun project.  Colors for this bathroom need to be bold and bright. For lighthouse bathroom decor, go with the traditional colors you find on lighthouses to make an impact. Red, blue, yellow and white are pleasing and you can find many accessories to bring these colors into your room. You can choose a red, black and white palette for a more dramatic look or you can go with blue, yellow and white for a more airy and casual feel. Display towels, dispensers and candles that highlight the theme. Then, add a toilet tattoo or seat cover to the toilet with an image of a lighthouse if there aren’t too many patterns in the room already. Hang towels and a shower curtain that work with the rest of the decor, such as an image of a lighthouse on the cloth if the walls are a solid color or utilize small lighthouse images. There are novelty shower curtain hooks available that look like a ship’s wheel, lighthouses or a variety of other ocean and beach images.

Then, for the floor, add a decorative rug in front of the sink, tub and toilet if you have the space. Use solid blue, red or white for a nautical look if you also want versatile pieces that can work with other themes to make updating the bathroom theme easier. Rugs featuring lighthouse images and views of the ocean are also available. Blue-and-white stripes, images of sand and seashells or images of a white anchor on a solid red or blue background will also complement your lighthouse theme.

Lighthouse art enhances the mood and feel of rooms. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but you do need to bring the essence of the lighthouse scene into your bathroom. Look for prints and reproductions of lighthouses in the colors that match your décor. Shop yard sales and flea markets for unique finds. Look for other interesting pieces of art, such as anchor wall art or maps with lighthouses on them.

Lighthouse Mirror

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Do not forget the other accessories in your bathroom as well. For instance, your soap dishes, toothbrush holder, shampoo holder etc.,for your lighthouse bathroom decor. Keep it in the same color palette and keep following the theme that you have chosen. Turning an ordinary bathroom using lighthouse bathroom decor can be a lot of fun, and overall, you’ll find that it is not really very expensive. In fact, you may also be able to find some of the items you want at garage sales and flea markets. Even if you buy them all new, though, you will be proud of the way your new bathroom looks and if you comparison shop, you’ll find that the grand total really isn’t all that bad.

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